The multieventu Day gazpacho soup was geocoin, which is inspired by both itself gazpacho soup and the red dwarf.
The front side is discreetly positioned motif bowl of soup called multievent. The inscription at the bottom “Served Cold” can be replaced with the name of the city where the event takes place, so you can get a coin associated with the event in a particular city.
The back side is a chip structure with Starbug, the spaceship from the Red dwarfs, and trackable code.

Coin is available in three basic configurations – in black nickel, polished nickel and gold. There is also a special limited edition black nickel finish with illuminated rear. Coin is trackable at with the prefix GD and has its own icon. Comes in acrylic box and thematic bag.

Version COIN:
– Black nickel
– nickel
– Shiny gold-
– The shining black nickel back – limited edition of 50 pieces

– Standard coin 275 Kč (11 EURO)
– Lighting Limited Edition 325 Kč(13 EURO))

Method of delivery :
– Personal pick-up Event 0 Kč
– Valuable writing (CZE) 50 Kč (2 EURO)
– Valuable writing (Europe) 150 Kč (6 EURO)
– Do not send cash on delivery

Ordering and Payment:
Coin only be ordered via the order form below on this site . After sending you will receive a confirmation to the e – mail. After processing your order, you will get mostly within 24 hours of payment instructions. If you do not receive any instructions within 3 days of placing order through the form, please contact us.The order becomes binding upon payment.

Deadline for orders:
The deadline for ordering Coin with the name of the city is the 30th September deadline for ordering other Coin is 11.11. In a later order can not be guaranteed shipping to 25 November.

Delivery time:
Coin will be collected in person 25.11. the selected event, or can be sent so that the will to 25.11. (probably in week 18 and 11.22).

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