What does it mean the Gazpacho Soup Day?

Červený trpaslík

Gazpacho Soup Day came into being thanks to TV series Red Dwarf where one of the main heroes tasted Gazpacho soup in a unconventional way. The fans of that sitcom were so impressed by it that they started to celebrate the day of 25th November as a Gazpacho Soup Day with consumption of that soup.

In 2010 this day reached even geocaching players, the very first event on this theme took place in Prague  and since then it is a traditional November event. We would like to organize Gazpacho Soup Day as a Multievent in 2013, we want to involve the most towns or cities we can in this celebration. How much we are successful you can measure on the map of scheduled events.

If you are interested in participating of the celebrations (either as an attendee or as a co-organiser), you are on the right spot. These websites arose for simplifying of the organisation and you can find here all useful information regarding not only to this year.

Notification: These websites came to existance for organising purpuse of events within international geocaching game. If you don’t belong among geocaching players and yet you would like to co-organise your own event and you want to present it on these websites, don’t hesitate and write.

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