We have prepared for you a program for the whole weekend – which means from the 23rd of November to the 25th of November.
It is necessary to sign up for programs with limited capacity in advance via e-shop which will be started at the beginning of September. At the same time the timetable of the whole event will be announced. The program can be divided into seveval categories:


Trip to Fušál
The team competition for four-member teams, with ten stages inside of the Ilf hotel where you will fulfill tasks based on the Red Dwarf series. Once you have these stages completed you will have the outdoor part ahead of you. Outdoors your goal will be to find the locations on the map and fulfill given tasks there. For a better idea about what is waiting for you, you can watch a video of last year´s competition.

Vindaloo challenge
Do you like hot meals and do you really think you are able to eat everything and in any quantity? Well, in that case, this competition is the right one for you. A series of hot meals are waiting for you to eat. Winner will be the fastest eater or the one who will not give up and stay as the last one in the game.

Time´s up Red Dwarf
You can take part in the Time´s up card game which is designed for two-member teams. The game has three rounds and in every one of them one member of a team has the task to make sure that his teammate can guess as many words that are on the cards as possible in the given time of 30 seconds.
We will use a special version of this card game where you will find words inspired by the Red Dwarf series. In the Czech republic the original game was released by Mindok.

Online quizzes
Lately, we have been enjoying online quizzes so we will prepare few of them on the topic of the Red Dwarf or geocaching for you. The quizzes are easy for competitors, all you need to have is a mobile phone/tablet with an internet connection (you can also use local WiFi) and you can compete.


Maker_madnessHow to do it with ČAGeo and KGB Libčice
The Czech geocaching association (ČAGeo) and The Geocaching enthusiast club (KGB) Libčice prepared for you a workshop where they will show you that it is very easy to make a nice cache. There will be experienced owners of well-rated caches and handymen in one person, so it will definitelly be worth it.

Cap workshop
Red cap or a blue one? Aren´t they supposed to be green? Does it really matter!? Let´s make a cap in colour that you like.

Lectures and discussions

gazpacho_day_geocoin_1024How geocoins are made
Tracking objects are an integral part of geocaching and geocoins rule amongst them. Slávek Hoblík, who participated in the creation of more than 60 geocoins (including both geocoins with the gazpacho soup theme) will talk about the proces of creation of geocoin – from an idea through design to production.

How subtitles and dubbing of the Red Dwarf are made
If you do not have problems using your mother tongue correctly or you can even speak other languages, this lecture is the right one for you. You will learn how the Red Dwarf becomes Červený trpaslík and how much energy does it cost. And at the same time we will see the eternal duel „dubbing VS. titles“ from both sides of the barricade.

ReviewerDiscussion with Czech reviewers
Geocaching could not function without reviewers – volunteers who spend their free time supervising newly published caches and also the already existing ones. Come to a discussion with the Czech reviewers and ask them about what interests you. We are sure that you will find out some things you didn´t know about their work. The majority of Czech reviewers confirmed their participation.


UrwigoTraining in Urwigo
Do you like wherigos and would you like to find out how this game is made? Or are you a creator of this games and you would like to find out more? Well, this program is the right one for you. Maxinoha has prepared a series of lectures that will lead you through the creation in the Urwigo program.


Geocoins with a story
We have prepared for you an exhibition we called Geocoins with a story. Besides hundreds of geocoins to view, you will also be able to read the background information about their creation. All versions of geocoins with the gazpacho soup theme will be part of the exhibition.

CWG exhibition (Czech Wood Geocoin)
CWG has been a part of geocaching since 2005 so it can´t be missed at this event. An exhibition of selected collection of CWGs, including CWGs with the gazpacho soup theme and also CWGs with the vindaloo chicken theme.


We have prepared a photobooth where our photograph can take pictures of you with our props, so you can have a nice souvenir from this event. All photos from the photobooth will be here on this website ready for you to download.


CWG Exchange
There is no event without CWGs and its exchanging, this event is not an exception. For all collectors who can´t wait to exchange some CWGs there will be space ready for exchanging CWGs. Where you can exchange as many CWGs as you like.

logo_rgb_a_3Information stand ČAGeo
The Czech geocaching association has prepared for you an information stand where you can learn everything about its activities and you will also have the opportunity to ask about everything you are interested in.