How did the Gazpacho Soup Day come into being?
The Gazpacho Soup Day came into existance thanks to Red Dwarf series, where the main hero, Arnold Rimmer, tasted this soup at a captain’s table. The whole situation in the series was described this way:
„It was the greatest night of my life. I’d been invited to the Captain’s Table. I’d only been with the company fourteen years. Six officers and me! They called me “Arnold.” We had gazpacho soup for starters. I didn’t know gazpacho soup was meant to be served cold. I called over the chef and I told him to take it away and bring it back hot. He did!
The looks on their faces still haunt me today!! I thought they were laughing at the chef, when all the time, they were laughing at me as I ate my piping hot gazpacho soup! I never ate at the Captain’s Table again. That was the end of my career.“

Why we celebrate the day on 25th November?
 Just on that famous day Rimmer tasted the Gazpacho soup for the first time.

I can always read terms like event, multievent or listing on the websites. What do them mean?
 These are terms used internationally in the geocaching game. These websites are devoted primarily to the Gazpacho Soup Day Celebrations in this community of geocaching players. However for sure we welcome even people out of the geocaching community.

I don’t play geocaching but I would like to understand the terms you use and what are on these websites. How could I do that?

  • Listing = webpage on geocaching.com, there is all information about the cache or the event
  • Event/multievent = thematic meeting of geocaching players
  • Geocoin = special metal coin

I don’t play geocaching but still I would like to attend these celebrations. Is it possible?
It depends on the agreement with an organiser of the particular action in your town or city. In case the capacity isn’t full of geocaching players, there will be a chance for arrangement and you could arrive.

I would like to arrange an event in my town or city. What do I need for it?
 At first look at the event map, if there isn’t any other man arranging the event in your town or city. If not there  is no barrier for organising. The condition is to have celebration on Monday the 25th November and there should be tasting of the Gazpacho soup on the programme.

Isn’t it possible to celebrate the Gazpacho Soup Day on 24 th November, so that it could be at the weekend and not on working Monday 25 th November?
It isn’t possible. The Gazpacho Soup Day is on 25th November and the celebration held another day wouldn’t be properly thematic. Christmas is celebrated in Juni by hardly anybody.

I haven’t found an answer for my question which I’m interested in? What shall I do?
Use a section Contacts adn write us an e-mail with your question. Immediately you’ll get an answer and the answered question will appear also here.

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